Haus designs for dogs: beyond the Fashion Crate

I think the website is Main Street Dog (stronger brand identity cues would be helpful!) that reported on a beautiful new line of furniture grade dog crates by DenHaus.  The only one that looks large enough for a Bull Terrier is the TownHaus which is a rather traditional styled wood piece in a rectangular shape. At over $400 it’s a lot more than a VariKennel, but it looks very nice and comes in a variety of colors. I really prefer the sleek look of the oval ZenHaus and round BowHaus but given the number of dogs and crates I already have I don’t think any of the Hauses are in my future soon!  They’ve included some social media links (digg, facebook, etc.) on each product page, there’s a place for partners to sign in, but none are mentioned so I don’t know if they are available through retailers at present.  This might be a good item for dog show vending at large shows – where they can reach people with passion for dogs and money to spend on them. Lovely idea – I have a couple of friends that have put their wood or metal working talents to use making some really cool dog crates so it’s good to see someone make a commercial product from that idea.

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  1. Julie King mentioned she had seen a VERY similar product to the BowHaus at the Novi PetExpo in 2008. The AlumaDen bears a striking resemblance to the round crate, right down to the design of the ventilation holes. Coincidence?

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