Subaru teams with ASPCA

MediaPost reports that Subaru is sponsoring the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) Prevention of Cruelty to Animals month in April. The car brand joins and Clorox (Fresh Step) as sponsoring a number of events across the USA to support the ASPCA’s Mission: Orange. Mission Orange targets specific communities to … Read more

Facebook Fun with Purina

MediaPost reports that Purina and Oddcast have developed an application called Beggin Time which allows people to place themselves and a pet in a dance video which can in turn be emailed or “go viral” as we marketing folks like to say. The article refers to it as a Facebook app, but I could only … Read more

Tyson Foods and Freshpet form alliance

Tyson Foods recently announced they purchased a minority stake in Freshpet, a manufacturer of refrigerated pet food. This news inspired Packaged Facts, to send an e-direct reminder about their Fresh Pet Food in North America study which was released in July, 2008.  Freshpet will apparently gain access to Tyson’s distribution network and manufacturing facilities, while … Read more

Dog Food Class Action Suit Denied

The Truth About Pet Food reported on a pet food class action lawsuit that was thrown out in Nevada.  Owners who purchased WalMart’s house brand Ol’ Roy canned food felt deceived by the product’s “Made in USA” language on the label. This product was one of those that included  Chinese ingredients tainted with melamine.  The  … Read more

Spongetech for Pets

I got a new Twitter follower overnight, Spongetech.  New to Twitter, but busy they’ve managed to follow 2000 Twits in something like 6 hours. Makes my neck and wrists stiff just thinking about it! Their products are sponges embedded with soap designed for different purposes, including the Uncle Norman’s Pet Sponge.  Now it’s not a … Read more

Northfield Dog Training – Betsy’s Photography

Adele Yunck, owner of Northfield Dog Training, is having some professional photography taken of her facility for use on the NDT website. Betsy Finn of Betsy’s Photography is doing this work and was laying on the floor taking photos of Adele’s Open and Utility Proofing class doing their long downs when Anna and I arrived … Read more

Smucci Fashion Pet Beds

As promised,  I’m returning to my Detroit Kennel Club vendor interviews with a profile of  Smucci custom pet beds. The owner/artist Debi Kahn was doing interior decorating when she got the idea for making beautiful furniture that doubled as pet furniture. She blogs about her DKC experience and includes some great photos from the event. … Read more