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Cleo and Anna Nicole

The Dog Marketing Blog combines two of my favorite interests, dogs, and marketing. This blog looks at the places that these two worlds intersect. My first jobs were all working with dogs since I  holding positions as kennel help and grooming in high school and college.

I’ve been showing purebred Bull Terriers at AKC events since I was a teenager, have competed in Barn Hunt Association events since the sport’s inception and recently started training in K9 Nosework. I owned the first Bull Terrier to receive the Bull Terrier Club of America’s Versatility Award and as well as one of the first Bull Terriers to title in Barn Hunt (the other one is owned by my friend Sharon Keillor and titled at the same trial.) I breed Bull Terriers under the Nuance prefix and currently hold office in the Bull Terrier Club of Metro Detroit and the Progressive Dog Club of Wayne County. In 2018 I was approved by the AKC to judge Bull Terriers and Miniature Bull Terriers in conformation and am also approved to judge Recognition of Merit (ROM) shows by the Bull Terrier Club of America.

Professionally I’ve worked in marketing research and strategic planning, in advertising agencies, and digital media. Most recently I spent five years as a marketing analyst for the Pet Supplies Plus specialty pet retail chain.  I am happy to help dog-centric organizations with marketing insights and communications.

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