Bingo Pet Salon Offers Upscale Pet Services

Bingo Pet Salon StorefrontSoutheast Michigan’s local MetroMode media outlet reported on Bingo Pet Salon an upscale pet business opening in Royal Oak, one of the hippest inner ring Detroit suburbs. Bingo Pet Salon offers a contemporary look and feel and in addition to dog and cat grooming services, offers pet sitting and locally made specialty pet products, including personalized collars.  Located near the heart of the walkable downtown Royal Oak shopping district, the salon offers pet owners the opportunity to drop off their pets for grooming, take their time shopping and dining and then pick up their pet on the way home.  The business offers a free photo share for pet-sitting clients who become fans of the salon on Facebook.

This savvy business is taking advantage of a great location to position the typical time required to groom a pet as a benefit to their busy owners. Their pet sitting services include free email or text updates to out-of-town owners, with an upgrade available to include photo messaging about the pet.  The merchandise offered aligns with the trend to “buy local” and offers unique items which are in keeping with the boutique nature of human clothing and accessories sold in the Royal Oak shopping area.  The hours of operation are  targeted   to working pet owners, open every day except Monday until at least 6 PM and until 7PM on Friday and Saturday.

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Best Friends’ Pet Boarding Facility at Disney World

Best Friends petcare logoThe New York Times travel section featured a piece on a new pet boarding facility affiliated with Disney World. Best Friends Pet Care at Walt Disney World is part of a national chain of pet boarding facilities. They are consolidating operations of the five boarding facilities which it operates for  WDW  guests into one large facility with capacity for 270 dogs and 30 cats which will open in August, 2010.  The luxury suite description fully recognizes owners’ propensity to humanize their pets, including such niceties as turn down service and ice cream treats.  What might in another facility be called  indoor-outdoor runs are called  suites with relief patios.

An interesting option that I’ve seen featured at other luxury kennels are suites that do not have an outdoor option at all, but instead confine dogs indoors all the time but include several daily walks.  Drawing on my experience working in boarding kennels, I will say that some dogs don’t understand the run concept and this option may work just as well for them even though they may not have as many opportunities for potty breaks as dogs in a more traditional kennel setup.

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