DOGTV – The First Television Channel for dogs

This week the New York Times reported on a new cable channel, Dog TV; the story was also picked up by MediaPost.  The first thought that came to my mind, was how are they monetizing this? What advertiser in their right mind would buy space targeted to the canine demographic?  Turns out it’s a pay … Read moreDOGTV – The First Television Channel for dogs

Pets in America book review

I just finished reading Pets in America by historian Katherine C. Grier, published in hard cover in 2006 and paperback in 2007.  Although I found it a bit dry in places, overall it is a fascinating account of the subject. The book includes a tremendous amount of information about the marketing of pets, pet products, … Read morePets in America book review

Packaged Facts at the Petfood Forum

I got an email today from Packaged Facts announcing that one of their analysts, David Lummis, will be presenting at the Petfood Forum next week in Chicago.  His topics will include the increased involvement of celebrities in pet food marketing (Rachel Ray, Cesar Milan), the influence of online marketing, and the trend toward organic/natural pet … Read morePackaged Facts at the Petfood Forum

Interview with Marion Nestle: Pet Food Politics

There’s a great interview with Marion Nestle, author of “Pet Food Politics” by Christie Keith on the Pet Connection blog. I loved that book and am very much looking forward to publication of her next one “What Pets Eat.”  The interview talks about the 2007 pet food recall, different ways to feed pets, and general … Read moreInterview with Marion Nestle: Pet Food Politics

Dog Cloning article in New York Times

Tim O’Reilly’s twitter alerted me to a new article on cloned dogs in the New York Times. The Korean lab that first cloned an Afgan hound 3 years ago is still at it, and his article profiles 4 dogs cloned from “Missy” a border collie – husky mix.  As a dog breeder, the cloning of … Read moreDog Cloning article in New York Times