Promoting Club Events

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The AKC’s Digital Marketing 101 Webinar closed with a section about promoting dog club events. Most dog clubs start because their members wanted to host an event where people can show and share their dogs with other dog enthusiasts and the general public. A great event needs people and your promotions can make a difference … Read morePromoting Club Events

Mid West Pet Supply: Show Dog Stuff

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While I was at the Heart of Illinois dog show cluster Memorial Day weekend, I talked to Bobby Brandon, who runs the Mid West Pet Supply booth for its owner, John Williams. Essential for All Breed Dog Shows Mid West Pet Supply is a general dog show vendor, one that carries equipment and supplies specifically … Read moreMid West Pet Supply: Show Dog Stuff

Dog is Good and Dog.Heart.Soul

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I spent Memorial Day weekend at the Heart of Illinois dog show cluster, where two Bull Terrier clubs were supporting the Illinois Valley Kennel Club of Peoria and Corn Belt Kennel Club shows. Some cute t-shirts caught my eye and I talked to the booth owner about her business, Dog.Heart.Soul Dog Is Good Authorized Cheryl … Read moreDog is Good and Dog.Heart.Soul

Selling the AKC – Programs for All

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My all-breed dog club recently held its all breed shows in Birch Run, Michigan. I am our Education Chair, and my duties include staffing an education table at our shows.  The AKC Public Education department is my usual conduit to AKC materials for the table, and they will send clubs a box of materials appropriate … Read moreSelling the AKC – Programs for All

Let’s Work Together: Collaborating with AKC Dog Clubs

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This is a summary of the webinar  presented by AKC Club Development which talked about clubs collaborating, not only with other AKC clubs, but other types of dog and community events and attractions. Guy Fisher, Manager of AKC Club Development was the lead presenter for this webinar.  Guy started off with some administrative best practices, … Read moreLet’s Work Together: Collaborating with AKC Dog Clubs

Marketing Dog Club Events with Facebook Advertising

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Social Media Training In the spring of 2018, I attended a social media marketing workshop sponsored by Facebook at Ann Arbor SPARK. The course, which covered Facebook and its subsidiary, Instagram promotions was underwritten by Facebook. The course covered the material and work necessary to receive a social media micro-credential. In Michigan,  sessions have been … Read moreMarketing Dog Club Events with Facebook Advertising

The #1 Dog Club Website in Michigan

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Reviewing Michigan All Breed Dog Club Websites I looked at all the websites I could find for Michigan all breed dog clubs while reviewing the AKC Webinar on website best practices.  These dog cub websites vary widely in quality and some clubs have opted to have a Facebook page in lieu of a website.   In … Read moreThe #1 Dog Club Website in Michigan

Growing a Family Dog Event With Effective Publicity

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Expanding on my theme of promoting AKC all breed clubs through websites,  I found a 2015 post in the Canine Chronicle written by then AKC Public Relations Director, Stephanie Smith.  In it, she talks to Dr. Alan Dorfman, a show chair associated with one of the Michigan dog show cluster websites I mentioned in my … Read moreGrowing a Family Dog Event With Effective Publicity

Building Better Websites for AKC Dog Clubs

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The American Kennel Club launched a series of educational webinars earlier this year aimed at dog fanciers and clubs and I have been watching them with great interest.  I understand much of this content has been shared with the AKC delegate body, but I can’t say I had heard about these educational programs through my … Read moreBuilding Better Websites for AKC Dog Clubs

Taylor Pond Farms raw dog food

Taylor Pond Farms is a raw food vendor with a booth at the Livonia Kennel Club and Oakland County Kennel Club dog show cluster in Novi Michigan in January. This was the second event the company had bought booth space and the second time they had been to the Rock Financial Showplace, the first time … Read moreTaylor Pond Farms raw dog food