Blue Buffalo vs Hill’s Pet Nutrition: By-Product Battle

As premium dog food brands which claim to use higher quality and more appealing ingredients grow in market share, some traditional market leaders are pushing back in court. Hill’s Pet Nutrition, which produces Science Diet brand pet foods, has been aggressively pursuing manufacturers which it feels have used deceptive advertising for their products.  Blue Buffalo … Read more

Pet Owners Join Don’t Mess With My Pet campaign

Pet Product News reports in its November print edition on the recently launched consumer campaign by the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council, a non-profit devoted to the pet industry.  PIJAC is reaching out to pet owners to help their efforts to combat legislation that attempts to restrict pet ownership.  Individuals can join the Don’t Mess … Read more

Dog Food Class Action Suit Denied

The Truth About Pet Food reported on a pet food class action lawsuit that was thrown out in Nevada.  Owners who purchased WalMart’s house brand Ol’ Roy canned food felt deceived by the product’s “Made in USA” language on the label. This product was one of those that included  Chinese ingredients tainted with melamine.  The  … Read more

Dog Fashion Police in the UK

Just started following Guy Kawasaki (me and 48K+ others) on Twitter; he seems to have more interest in pet issues than I expected, alerting the Twitterverse to an article on Truemors regarding the RSPCA’s intent to prosecute owners who are found “overdressing” their dogs.  This Daily Mail article gives more details on the situation.  I … Read more

Interview with Marion Nestle: Pet Food Politics

There’s a great interview with Marion Nestle, author of “Pet Food Politics” by Christie Keith on the Pet Connection blog. I loved that book and am very much looking forward to publication of her next one “What Pets Eat.”  The interview talks about the 2007 pet food recall, different ways to feed pets, and general … Read more

New York City’s Poop Scooping Law

The New York Times is collecting comments regarding the city’s poop scoop law for Michael Brandow, who recently published a book titled “New York’s Poop Scoop Law: Dogs, Dirt and Due Process,”  Mr Brandow will answer the questions in Wednesday’s (Jan 7) edition of the paper. Sounds like a in interesting book regarding the presence … Read more

Upscale Dog Goods Strong in Weak Economy

The Detroit Free Press published an article about upscale pet retailers today which finds that sector is performing well despite the economic woes of the Detroit meto area. The store profiled for most of the article, Teacups and Toys, sells both upscale merchandise and dogs to wear it. I’m not a fan of the sales … Read more

NPR story on mass importation of pet shop puppies

This morning NPR aired a story about a humane society auction of toy breed puppies seized at the LA airport. The puppies, imported from South Korea, were accompanied by forged documents stating the five week old puppies were 5 months old and had had the required innoculations for importation. Of the 30 dogs in the … Read more

Alltop Blogs: Pets

It’s about time I did some posting. Amazing how being employed and pursuing multiple awards and titles on three dogs simultaneously can interfere with my attention to this blog, which has lately been limited to attending to an amazing number of spam comments. I can’t quite remember how I stumbled into this, I’m pretty sure … Read more