Follow me to the Dog Show!

White Bull Terrier outside

The Progressive Dog Show of Wayne County and the Pontiac Kennel Club will be hosting the second Michigan Spring Cluster from April 28 through May 1, 2022. In 2021 we were the first post-COVID all-breed shows in Michigan. Our entries were very strong, and at the end of the weekend, the clubs were delighted, but … Read more

Building Better Websites for AKC Dog Clubs

pug dog with a laptop

The American Kennel Club launched a series of educational webinars earlier this year aimed at dog fanciers and clubs and I have been watching them with great interest.  I understand much of this content has been shared with the AKC delegate body, but I can’t say I had heard about these educational programs through my … Read more

Can You Really Customize Your Dog’s Food Online?

fresh dog food ingredients

There is an interesting subset of dog food customization and delivery that I’m seeing more references to lately.  If you search for “Custom Dog Food”, Google returns over 43 million results.  I have a problem calling it customized dog food, because as far as I can tell, each brand presents a limited number of options, … Read more

Great Source for Dog Marketing Intelligence

Barriers to entry are low in many sectors of the dog-related industry.  Which means that there are many small businesses marketing products and services for dogs and other pets.  Many dog product entrepreneurs are fueled by their passion to solve a problem they experienced with their own pets which inspired them to launch their business. … Read more

Promoting Michigan Dog Events, Products, and Services

The Michigan Canine Resource Guide is a unique publication targeted to dog owners in Michigan.   Beth Mitchell launched this guide to dog-related events, products, and services in Michigan in 2015 and it has steadily grown as more organizations and advertisers contribute. Beth was inspired by the Arizona Equine Resource Guide,  published by her sister who … Read more

Pet Owners Join Don’t Mess With My Pet campaign

Pet Product News reports in its November print edition on the recently launched consumer campaign by the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council, a non-profit devoted to the pet industry.  PIJAC is reaching out to pet owners to help their efforts to combat legislation that attempts to restrict pet ownership.  Individuals can join the Don’t Mess … Read more

Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Pet Style News reports on pet clothing and encourages pet retailers to prepare for Halloween by stocking pet costumes.  Some pet owners like to dress their pets all year around while others will purchase pet clothing only for Halloween.  Shop owners interviewed for the article note that dressing pets is increasing in popularity and that … Read more