Dog Cloning article in New York Times

Tim O’Reilly’s twitter alerted me to a new article on cloned dogs in the New York Times. The Korean lab that first cloned an Afgan hound 3 years ago is still at it, and his article profiles 4 dogs cloned from “Missy” a border collie – husky mix.  As a dog breeder, the cloning of dogs seems like a cross between cheating and giving up. That elusive “perfect” dog is still not here, and in a way, I like to think we’ll never get there, just continuing to work on our own approximations of that dog in our own interpretation of the breed standard intermixed with our own preferences in dog personality.  Although I’ve been very attached to each of my dogs and regret they leave us so soon, I also revel in the unique personality of each one and really don’t think I’d like to have the same dog over and over again when I can see that dog in it’s offspring’s eyes, but mixed with something else that makes each animal unique.

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