Dog Friendly Hotels

The New York Times featured an article about a trend toward more dog friendly hotels; which also notes that some of these are not really so friendly toward dogs over a certain size limit. This is similar to JetBlue which hypes its JetPaws program – limited to dogs that fit under the cabin seat, the regulations for which top out at 15 pounds.  The article talks about well known New York City hotels and their pet policies and also mentions several pet travel websites, PetsWelcome, PetFriendlyTravel, and DogFriendly.

Although it seems more upscale chains are starting to accept dogs, dog fees are also increasingly common, even at budget hotels like Red Roof Inn and Motel 6 which have been mostly dog-friendly for years.

My personal concern not only includes weight limits, but also numerical limits and per-pet fees which are not mentioned in the article.  As someone who owns and sometimes travels with multiple dogs, I’d like more friendliness toward the multi-dog traveller.

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