Dog Show Secret . . . Interesting!

Having recently been encouraged to use Twitter, I’ve started my usual obsessive learning curve with any new thing of interest. After signing up to follow my friends and some leading lights of the tech world and web analytics, I turned my attention to finding other dog fanciers.  Which led me to the Dog Show Secret site.  This is one of those sites that I can’t quite figure out which probably means it’s a money-making scheme I don’t fully appreciate. There are a number of oddly phrased articles that make me think they were written by someone whose first language is not English, whose real passion is not showing dogs, but who has studied up on search engine marketing.  The advice on dog show outfits isn’t too far off, the one on dog show ribbons is inadvertently hilarious to anyone who’s shown more than one dog to its championship, and the one on show dog shampoo is just plain wrong. That said, the Tweeter dog_supplies which led me to the site has some pretty good tweets on interesting dog products, so I’m a follower . . .

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1 thought on “Dog Show Secret . . . Interesting!”

  1. Just finished sitting in on a “twebinar” which makes me think this is a spam twitterer, just promoting its own commercial websites. I’ve visited a few more urls promoted linking to equally weird sites on canine topics with lots of ads. I’ll continuing following until I come to a conclusion there’s more trash than treasure.

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