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The Progressive Dog Show of Wayne County and the Pontiac Kennel Club will be hosting the second Michigan Spring Cluster from April 28 through May 1, 2022. In 2021 we were the first post-COVID all-breed shows in Michigan. Our entries were very strong, and at the end of the weekend, the clubs were delighted, but our members were exhausted. The truth is we need to get more people to help put on these events without running every member ragged.

Bigger Plans for 2022

We decided to make the event even bigger in 2022, with more performance events, more specialties, and more AKC special attractions. After attending a presentation by AKC Club Development’s Guy Fisher, fellow Progressive member Joanne Kinnelly and I decided to create a similar presentation to our club, focusing on things we could do to get people to our shows. We invited Pontiac KC members to join us, both clubs were enthusiastic about the ideas and volunteered even more ideas to attract new members to the club.

Follow our Promotional Journey

I am going to report our progress in the Dog Marketing Blog. I’ll explain what we’re working on and give some tips if I think they’ll be useful. Right now, I’m waiting on the premium lists to be finalized and posted so I know I have all the latest information. The list of events and supporting clubs is on our club website.

I will create and schedule a series of Facebook posts about the events that are part of the cluster. Joanne is looking for informational links and videos and I’m creating images to draw attention to the posts. The tool I’m using for this is Canva, which is a free graphic design website that has templates sized for different social media that can easily be customized. I’m hoping by sharing posts on a regular basis, we will get new people to our shows. The graphic at the top of this page was created in Canva, using a candid photo of one of my dogs.

photo credit: Alchemic Photography

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