US Food Safety Site – What about Pets?

I read a MediaPost article today about consumer package goods (CPG) company recalls which mentioned the US Food Safety website dedicated to food safety and recalls for human foods in the US.  The Pet Connection website was the leader in chronicling the 2007 melamine-related pet food recall, but I don’t think there are any consumer … Read more

AdWords Success Story: Happy Hound Day Care

While I was tooling around through Google’s product offerings I checked out AdWords and found an intriguing video on the Success Stories page.  After Happy Hound launched, the owner found herself with a great facility and only a few clients. By optimizing her website and using AdWords to promote it, she got more traffic, more … Read more

Web Analytics for Pet Businesses

One of my goals during this period of unemployment is to develop a “Plan B” income stream, so I’m working on developing my web analytics skills. I’ve talked a couple friends into letting me code and analyze their sites with Google Analytics and so far I’m working on the Key-Lore Kennels and Plaza Veterinary Hospital … Read more

Now this one is DISGUSTING!

Today’s Adrants newsletter included a story about what I think is a grossly inappropriate ad for the Columbian dog food brand Nutrecan Senior.  From a marketing standpoint, I think it’s telling that most of the items on the first page of a Google search for the brand were about this ad, which featured a blow-up … Read more

Pet Food Politics

I finally finished reading Pet Food Politics by Marion Nestle I delayed starting the book to read one of her earlier books, Food Politics which details the forces behind US food agencies and policies. Pet Food Politics details the the story behind the pet food recall of 2007 which was ultimately traced to deliberate melamine … Read more

Dog Time Media

Hard to believe I hadn’t heard of this vertical ad network until I read this article in MediaPost today.  The DogTime Media site claims they have 180 high quality pet site partners; the MediaPost article mentions another 130 bloggers.  The network claims to reach more than 10 million visitors a month and enables content sharing … Read more

Retailing Tips for the Pet Department

I’m taking advantage of an unexpected break in employment to get back to posting. Yeah! (for the posting opportunity, not the renewed task of job-seeking) This summer Retailwire published a series of pet department retailing tips from Nestle Purina. I’ll start with the one talking about allocation of space within the pet department.  They recommended … Read more

Veterinarian Survey

I found a report online from the financial analysis company William Blair on veterinarian attitudes regarding the future of their business and how that impacts the outlook for major pharmaceutical companies. In general, they found that spending on pets is less affected by fluctuations in the economy than other categories and veterinarians were cautiously optimistic … Read more