Canidae dog food marketing reaches out

I spent last weekend at the Midland Michigan Kennel Club dog shows. These are fairly small shows with a limited number of vendors, but it’s the second all breed show I’ve attended in the past month where Canidae had a booth. This is a brand I’ve been familiar with as a holistic, high quality dog food and cat food (Felidae), but not one widely used among dog show people. I saw it as almost a cult brand popular with people who were dog “foodies” who subscribe to Whole Dog Journal.   Canidae is making a deliberate effort to target show people this year, reaching out with fairly large displays, sampling, and coupons. The representative I talked to mentioned that the company recognized how influential breeders could be and decided to reach out to them.  Canidae offers a  breeder/multi pet discount program which allows people with multiple dogs who are also active in dog activities to get one bag of dog food free for every five purchased. I asked if they were going to get into sponsoring shows, as  Eukanuba and Purina have done and was told they are considering it.

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