Dog Food Dayparting: Grrr-nola Breakfast Bars

Grr-nola package
Grr-nola package

Further evidence of the humanization of pet foods is provided by the launch of All American Pet Company’s Grrr-nola bars.  An article on All About Feed notes that the manufacturer makes a number of health claims for the product and has it endorsed by a veterinary cardiologist.

This seems like a natural extension of the humanization of pet foods and this is the second product I’ve blogged about targeted specifically as a breakfast product for pets.  Of course dog biscuits, which have burgeoned into an entire snack food category have been around from the early days of manufactured pet food. I would think targeted dinner meals might be up next; doggie lunch buckets for dogs going to daycare seems like more of a leap and one likely to trigger guilt feelings in the working owners of stay at home dogs.

The press releases on the All American Pet Company’s website make some interesting statements.  They make some carefully worded statements of about the healthful ingredients in the food in a side bar attributed to their veterinary endorser, Kathy Williams DVM. The site also emphasizes that their products contains no wheat gluten, the ingredient involved in the massive 2007 pet food recall.

A couple things regarding their distribution plans seem unusual; the food is referred to as super-premium, yet they aspire to distribute it in big box stores, a strategy that is divergent from that of other foods in this category.  Veterinarian’s offices are also mentioned as retailers; it is unusual to see non-prescription foods available in these locations, so I’ll be interested to see  how this plan succeeds.

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