Honda Element takes a hint from

My co-worker Libby tipped me off to a piece in Media Post talking about how Honda decided to take the Element’s top rating on and develop a dog-centric campaign with TV and online elements (no pun intended.) The article refers to 95 Google dog-sites, one of much must be dog show superintendent MB-F’s Infodog, as I noticed a number of both banner and rich media ads on the pages focused on show information.

The Honda Element is actually a pretty popular car among dog show people, I know at least 3 people who show Bull Terriers in my area who own them. I believe you can get two BT sized crates, possibly three, and still have room for all your show equipment and luggage. Add in that it gets better gas mileage than a minivan, has more comfortable seating than a small wagon, and it’s easy to clean, and you’ve got a very attractive vehicle for the owner-handler crowd.

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