PetsMart and GNC create line of pet supplements

PetsMart and GNC recently announced a partnership to create a line of pet supplements available exclusively through PetsMart retailers and website.  The supplement line launches in fall, 2010 according to an article on financial news site CDTV.

This is interesting development marks the convergence of several trends.  Vitamin and supplement usage is increasing for humans,  pet care is becoming more humanized, and people are becoming more interested in premium nutrition for their pets.  This is a great opportunity for both partners; joining two strong brands in an area where there are few well-known competitors.

My concern is that pets may end up being over-supplemented as many of them already eat a nutrionally balanced commercial diet.  If the worst that happens is that some dogs produce expensive urine when they excrete excess vitamins, that’s not a terrible thing.   But dogs as well as people are harmed by overuse of some supplements. Owners should make sure their veterinarians  are aware of the supplements as well as the food that their animals consume.

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1 thought on “PetsMart and GNC create line of pet supplements”

  1. This will be interesting to see what the ingredients are. I do believe supplements have their spot. For example, if a dog has joint problems or arthritis, if you feed a food that has extra glucosamine there is no way to add extra if your dog is having problems because if you give them extra food it will lead to weight gain. However, if your dog is limping (especially during cold winter months) you can increase their supplement without adding extra calories.

    I am hoping their supplement will be a healthy combination.

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