Purina Petcentric Portal

I recently got my first email from Petcentric with a link to their site, which launched in 2006.  In a 2008 article in Promo Magazine the site is described as a social network, however most of the content is provided by the site’s owner, Purina and select partners, such as Yahoo! Answers (pet section.) There … Read more

Alpo Dog Food: Real Dogs Eat Meat Contest

Purina continues to leverage user generated content in its pet food marketing, this time for its venerable Alpo brand dog food.  MediaPost describes the contest where dog owners are encouraged to enter the contest with photos and stories of their dogs being Real Dogs.  I think they’re trying to promote  a bit of backlash to … Read more

MRM creates Unforgettable Tail for Chef Michael’s

MediaPost reports that Purina is launching an interactive screen saver application called the Unforgettable Tail to promote its Chef Michael’s brand of dog food. The food is described as both mass market and upscale, which I interpret as available in mass retailers at a high price point.  I did see Chef Michael’s in online and … Read more

Celebrity Dog Marketing

Petfood Industry News published an article about the increasing use of celebrities in dog food and product marketing.  Rachel Ray collaborated with Dad’s to create a  pet food  line called Nutrish, Cesar Milan has a relationship with Petco, Martha Stewart and Purina and Ellen Degeneres’ relationship with Halo foods are all detailed in the discussion.  … Read more

AOL PawNation

MediaPost reports that AOL has just launched a pet portal named PawNation.com.  This news comes just shortly after Yahoo! closed its Pets section, integrating that content into its Shine lifestyle section.  Purina, noted as the launch sponsor seems to be the only display advertiser at present, although text ads also appear in some sections. The … Read more

Facebook Fun with Purina

MediaPost reports that Purina and Oddcast have developed an application called Beggin Time which allows people to place themselves and a pet in a dance video which can in turn be emailed or “go viral” as we marketing folks like to say. The article refers to it as a Facebook app, but I could only … Read more

Purina launches Chef Michael’s dog food

MediaPost reports that MRM Minneapolis has landed advertising duties for Purina’s Chef Michael’s dog food. The wet food, which is sold in 3 oz  tubs wrapped in a colorful cardboard sleeve, comes in eight different flavor varieties. A dry version is scheduled to launch later this year.  Curiously, I could find no mention of the … Read more